5 Smart Ways to Incorporate Trends into your Bathroom Design

We renovate a lot of bathrooms at Space Harmony and we always have the same goal, make the space functional and timeless. Because face it, nobody wants to renovate a bathroom every five years. Yet we are constantly bombarded with images showing us the latest “trends” in home design. This reality makes it more and more difficult to design spaces that last. People’s tastes change and so does design.

So if you, like us, think that the main elements in a design should be sustainable and stay the course, here are some tips on how you can design a bathroom that may be able to fluctuate with the trends in home design a little better.

Say Yes to the trends with…

1. Paint

We say this all the time but Paint is the easiest and least expensive element to change in a room! This year designers are embracing a darker palette, with black, navy blue, and even forest green showing up everywhere. If this trend is right for you, consider wall colour instead of tile. You can always paint over a dark wall but replacing 80sq feet of green hexagon tile is a different story.

black walls, brass pulls

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

green wall

Image Source: House & Hold

2. Cabinet Pulls

If you have classic white or wood cabinets, consider replacing the pulls to modernize the space. We love a slender matte black pull or even a leather pull. Totally on trend and relatively easy to replace when you tire of it.

3. Fixtures

Maybe not the least expensive to replace, but if you really want a bathroom that is totally 2017 there are some great black, brass or white fixtures on the market. Do your research, prices and quality vary greatly.

bathroom - brass fixtures

Image Source: House Beautiful

black pulls, classic wood cabinetry

Image Source: Studio McGee

4. Accessories

Design in 2017 is all about natural elements in the bathroom. Wood, stone, wicker, linen, and warm metals are all showing up in contemporary bathroom design. Bring these elements into the room with your accent pieces and linens. You can always change up the towels when hot pink linens come into style.

towels anthro

Image Source: Anthropologie

bathroom accessories

Image Source: Studio M

5. Greenery

With the emphasis on nature and natural elements this year adding green to the bathroom is on trend and budget friendly. If you don’t have space consider suspending a plant in an appropriate corner. Who doesn’t love a great spider plant for cleansing the air and ambiance!?

white bathroom with plants

Image Source: House Beautiful

black bathroom fitures

Image Source: Katrina Chambers

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