Canada turns 150. Let’s Celebrate!

Canadian Inspired Décor! Red and White is great, but we can do even better than that! Check out our canoe cooler, decorative canoe paddle, vintage stubby beer bottles, and Husdson’s Bay blanket throw pillow.

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Our 5 Favourite Vancouver Florists

1. Thomas Hobbs in Kerrisdale – Buying flowers from Thomas Hobbs is an experience in itself. Located in a beautiful heritage building in Kerrisdale, the shop itself is timeless. With over 40 years of experience, this team really knows their flowers.

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The contemporary staircase designs we love!

Interior designers spend a lot of energy on how stairs look and function. We love the current emphasis on stair design, especially considering the trend of open, connected spaces. The stairs need to be safe and functional of course, but they are an important aesthetic element in a room, and they need to be beautiful [...] read more

How To Finish A Room – Styling A Space With Key Accessories

After you have designed a room layout, chosen the key furniture pieces and installed the wallpaper, cabinets and window dressings, the fun really begins. One of the most satisfying parts of a project is when it all comes together and accessories can really bring it home! These are our favourite accessories to finish your design and make it feel beautifully lived in and ready to love.
1. Pillows
Textiles, like throw pillows, are essential in a living space to set the tone and colour palette. A design may begin and end with the perfect pattern or colour inspired by gorgeous fabric. Velvet pillows imply luxury and sophistication while fun florals or prints might make a traditional space more lighthearted and fun.

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5 Smart Ways to Incorporate Trends into your Bathroom Design

We renovate a lot of bathrooms at Space Harmony and we always have the same goal, make the space functional and timeless. Because face it, nobody wants to renovate a bathroom every five years. Yet we are constantly bombarded with images showing us the latest “trends” in home design. This reality makes it more and more difficult to design spaces that last. People’s tastes change and so does design.
So if you, like us, think that the main elements in a design should be sustainable and stay the course, here are some tips on how you can design a bathroom that may be able to fluctuate with the trends in home design a little better.
Say Yes to the trends with…

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How to Style an Entryway with a Pop of Colour

Sometimes your space needs a pop of colour, especially as spring approaches!  At Space Harmony, we have created a design board for you to get you going on transforming your entryway. Our inspiration is Pantones colour of the year for 2017 – Greenery.

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How to Choose a Grout Color

Decorative tile is so much fun and there are some amazing options these days for all of your tiling needs. With so much emphasis on choosing the tile, we want to discuss some strategies for choosing a grout colour. The grout is often an afterthought, but the truth is that grout can make or break your tiling job.
Current trends are leaning towards contrasting grout colours and this can be an amazing choice for your kitchen or bathroom. The nice thing about choosing a darker shade to accent a white tile for the bathroom is that you don’t need to worry as much about keeping it bright and shiny, especially on the floors.

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El Santo – A Closer Look at a Very Special Space Harmony Project

We are so lucky to work with clients that share our vision to create outstanding spaces. Our goal is always to strike the perfect balance between beauty and functionality, with each client’s unique needs in mind. With this Space Harmony project we had the pleasure to work with Alejandro Diaz to create El Santo, a modern Mexican restaurant in the up and coming city of New Westminster.
New West is British Columbia’s oldest city but it has seen a cultural revival in the last 5 years. The city is an easy sky train ride from downtown and is trendy and affordable. The perfect place to open a fun, modern Mexican cantina!

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How to Design a Space that You Love

The conversation in some design circles at the moment is on the “sameness” of contemporary interiors. The argument is that design is becoming homogenized because we are constantly bombarded with images of the current trends on social media. Are we being programmed to like a certain style by our news feed?
We want to help you design a creative, happy space that you will love no matter what else is going on around you. Let’s be a bit unique, a bit untrendy and truly comfortable in our homes! Here are some tips for standing apart from the crowd and being happy and unique in your home.

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Layering up your home for Thanksgiving

We love the holidays and with the sudden chill in the air we can’t help but think here comes thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is possibly one of our favourite holidays even though it doesn’t have the same reputation for décor as Christmas. That doesn’t mean you can’t add a little pumpkin spice to your home to make it feel cozy and festive during this special season.  Here are a few simple ideas to make thanksgiving even better at home.
1. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for what you have, so use what you’ve got. Think about incorporating some natural elements into your décor like branches, leaves, pinecones or whatever else you find beautiful that exists all around you.

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