Using Pinterest to Help Define your Style at Home

Are you thinking of investing in new furniture and décor for your home but you aren’t sure where to start? Do you like modern architecture but want your home to be warm and inviting? It can be tricky to figure out what design style suits you best.
Today designers mix genres and break rules when it comes to conventional tastes and ideas so the best way to guarantee you end up with the house of your dreams is to hire a designer whose work you love. Ultimately they need to balance your style and look with what is practical, affordable and realistic for your family. White sofas look great but are not so great in a lake house with a dog. Dark slate floors are beautiful but show dirt, so not so good for kids.
Pinterest boards can be great to kick-start the research process. Wildly pin, then look back to see the patterns in what you’ve chosen.

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Canadian Home Trends

Canadian Home Trends asks Space Harmony to Design a Bedroom
We love collaborating with other local businesses and designers. There are so many inspiring people working in the design community in Vancouver and the rest of Canada! So when Canadian Home Trends asked the Space Harmony team to come up with a mood board for a bedroom, we were thrilled! This challenge had us execute a bedroom design using furniture from local Vancouver company, The Goods. We loved creating it and hope you will love it too!

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Wallpaper is Not Just a Trend

Wallpaper is not just a trend; it’s back in a major way and here to stay! We use wallpaper in many of our own projects and love the way it can define a space and the people who live and work there. Here are some of the trends in wallpaper we are currently living and loving.
1. Big Bold Florals – We simply can’t get enough of this new take on traditional floral wallpaper. Oversized and dramatic, many designers are using dark hues and moody organic compositions. This makes for a major statement. Go bold behind the bed or in a living room, you don’t want to hide these showstoppers in a corner or powder room.
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What to give the designer in your life?

What do you buy for the person who always looks perfect, has a strong opinion and a flawless house? Good question. Here are some ideas for that hard to buy for designer in your life.
Coffee Table Book You can’t go wrong with a beautiful coffee table book. Books on design are, of course, appropriate and usually look beautiful too. A double win. Here are some great choices for the designer who loves to read. (All available at

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2 Trends for Christmas

Christmas Trends You Can Create Sourcing Right Here in Vancouver!
We love this time of year. We will take any excuse to layer up our living space with even more beautiful decor! The current trends in Christmas decorating are modern and sophisticated. We want to give you some ideas for making your space happy and holly this December. Here is a look at 2 of our favourite themes you can try, complete with a product list of where to pick up the cutest additions to your holiday traditions.
1.  Natural Christmas
We’ve seen this look perfected over the past few seasons and we still love it. Not only can you save money by using recycled materials, this simple, earthy style is understated and quiet for a glitter free home.
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Beyond the IKEA Hack

IKEA has its place in the world of design, a pretty important place actually. For those of us that need somewhere to start when we move out on our own it is essential. The price point, ethical standards and renewability factor are all pretty good. Combined this with well designed furniture, and you have the perfect stop for all your 20 and 30 something home needs.

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September Inspiration for Your Home

September might be our favourite month of the year in Vancouver.  The weather cools off but it’s still beautiful and the leaves turn those remarkable shades of orange, red and yellow. The fall has arrived and the term “sweater weather” has never been more appropriate. Here is some inspiration for fall décor that has us excited to bundle up, in and out of doors.

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Quick Home Fixes For a Fall Sale

Fall is the busiest time of year for real estate. Spring and fall are when most homebuyers are looking and when a seller has the best chance to get top dollar for their home. I know it seems too early to be wishing summer away but the reality is if you’re thinking about selling your home this fall, you had better start preparing now. The great part is that with a few quick tips you can add value to your home and stand apart in a competitive market. You can also avoid panic in late August when life gets busy again and you have less time to dedicate to chores.

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Summer Party Tricks

The heat is on and so are the summer soirees. The truth is that like any party, a summer event, requires work and great pre-planning. The nice thing about hosting an outdoor event is that it is naturally more casual. We are going to take a cue from the current boho trend and relax. Here are some ideas we want to try that are both creative and easy.
1. Flea Market Finds – mix and match, use multiple patterns and keep it low key. Linens, china, and flatware don’t have to match to look great. The same goes for flowers arrangements. Use vases of different sizes and shapes and easy seasonal cut flowers. Herbs make great centrepieces and smell wonderful.

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