Mastering Storage and Style in a Master En-suite

This West Vancouver bathroom lacked style and storage. The old outdated glass blocks had to go, as did the under-utilized and oversized bathtub. Dark and dreary, this was no modern retreat for the homeowners.

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September Inspiration for Your Home

September might be our favourite month of the year in Vancouver.  The weather cools off but it’s still beautiful and the leaves turn those remarkable shades of orange, red and yellow. The fall has arrived and the term “sweater weather” has never been more appropriate. Here is some inspiration for fall décor that has us excited to bundle up, in and out of doors.

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Quick Home Fixes For a Fall Sale

Fall is the busiest time of year for real estate. Spring and fall are when most homebuyers are looking and when a seller has the best chance to get top dollar for their home. I know it seems too early to be wishing summer away but the reality is if you’re thinking about selling your home this fall, you had better start preparing now. The great part is that with a few quick tips you can add value to your home and stand apart in a competitive market. You can also avoid panic in late August when life gets busy again and you have less time to dedicate to chores.

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Summer Party Tricks

The heat is on and so are the summer soirees. The truth is that like any party, a summer event, requires work and great pre-planning. The nice thing about hosting an outdoor event is that it is naturally more casual. We are going to take a cue from the current boho trend and relax. Here are some ideas we want to try that are both creative and easy.
1. Flea Market Finds – mix and match, use multiple patterns and keep it low key. Linens, china, and flatware don’t have to match to look great. The same goes for flowers arrangements. Use vases of different sizes and shapes and easy seasonal cut flowers. Herbs make great centrepieces and smell wonderful.

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Challenging Bathroom Design

Space Harmony is proud to be featured in last months Western Living Magazine. The magazine chose to showcase both bathrooms in our Kitsilano home renovation. These spaces were two of the most challenging areas of the renovation but were also the most rewarding. Both the powder room and the master en-suite had specific issues with regards to space and functionality. As it happens, these are two of the most creative and beautiful rooms in the final design.

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Kitchen trends that are here to stay!

It’s true, remodelling your kitchen is a big investment. In fact, as far as the interior of your home is concerned, it is one of the biggest. It’s important that your designer considers this when planning your space. Kitchen trends are great to explore but nobody wants to redo a kitchen every 5 years. Deciding what style of kitchen you want and need is the job of an experienced interior designer. If it’s done properly, your kitchen should last you many years. Here are some of the trends in kitchens we believe have staying power.

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Tips for Mixing Patterns In Your Home

Now that you have your space organized and refreshed for spring, it’s time to have some fun. We love adding prints to brighten up a room or to reflect the mood of the season. A new rug, some decorative cushions, or a great printed ottoman, are easy and relatively inexpensive ways of changing up your space. Here are some tricks we use when mixing patterns.
1. Start with a neutral base. It is much easier to layer patterns when you build off of neutrals.

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It’s time to start spring cleaning

April showers bring May flowers and it’s time now to sow the seeds of a new season in your home. Over the winter, we collect things: holiday gifts, cards, hats, mittens and mismatched socks. You may have felt the need to hang onto your clutter through the dark and chilly months, but now that the sun is reaching in through the windows, the dust bunnies and old sweaters are exposed—and they don’t look good.
It’s time to start spring cleaning! Now, I’m one of those rare breeds that really gets into cleaning. Unlike many other projects in life, cleaning is an endeavour that can be tackled and completed in a relatively short time frame. Eventually, your home will be clean and ready for spring, which can freshen up you mood and put a spring in the step of your whole family.
Where to begin?
Even though I’ve claimed to be a lover of cleaning, I must admit that cleaning and organizing an entire house is a daunting thought. So, I’ve devised a bit of a guide for the aspiring spring-cleaner.

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Commonly Neglected Spaces: The Hallway

The hallway is not often first on the list for home renovations, but your hallway is the entrance to your home and sets the expectation for the rest of the house. At the very least, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of this connective space. The hallway is the passageway through which air and light travels through from room to room, so this area will help determine the flow and sense of openness about your home.
There a few major elements to consider in any hallway design project: light, height, air and flow. This recent Space Harmony project was a perfect example of a neglected hallway and how changing this little-thought-about area can dramatically alter the appearance and feel of your space.

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