Bring out your room’s personality with area rugs

Bring out your room’s personality with area rugs

Choosing an area rug is a fun part of styling your home and it will help to add warmth and texture to your space. An area rug can totally change a room’s personality and feel, so make sure you do your research about materials and durability.

Firstly, lets choose a style; do you love modern stripes, a hip and fun kilim rug, or maybe a more traditional Persian style? We are going to help you narrow down your search and give you some great options for a range of budgets.



Everyone loves a great stripe or classic chevron. Graphic prints can amp up the sophistication and add a bold touch to a space. We especially love the trend towards masculine graphic prints.

beautiful colorful living room pink green

Image Source: Space Harmony Kitsilano Residence


Image Source: Ikea


Image Source:  Wayfair Canada


Image Source: West Elm


For these rugs we generally think of Dhurries, which are flat woven and usually from India, Kilim rugs, which are also flat woven but a tighter weave, made from the Balkans to Pakistan, and Ikat which originated in Indonesia. These rugs uses traditional patterns, but often use bright, and happy colours so they are popular among the young and hip!


Image Source: Ikea


Image Source: West Elm

Samad-Vogue--Chic-Ivory-burrit bros-area-rug-space-harmony-blog

Image Source: Burritt Bros

The New Shag

Otherwise know as a Moroccan rug. These styles are soft and plush and a great way to add warmth and texture to a room. We love the history that these rugs bring to a home, as they are created using hand made dyes and traditional patterns.

Image Source: Space Harmony Beach Ave Penthouse Project


Image Source: Loom & Kiln


Image Source:  Wayfair Canada


Image Source: West Elm


Persian rugs are back in fashion and we can’t help but be partial! We love how a classic rug looks in a modern space, using a timeless piece in a truly eclectic way. We also love the new trend in overdying vintage rugs. A rug will be dyed with a saturated, modern colour for a beautiful effect.

Image Source: Space Harmony North Vancouver Custom Residence Project


Image Source: West Elm


Image Source: Loom & Kiln


Image Source: Jan Kath 

Painterly or Abstract

Often akin to a piece of art, these rugs are a statement piece in your home. Go bold or go home! We love how often these styles take a cue from the natural environment…. in some cases even outer space.


Image Source: West Elm


Image Source:  Wayfair Canada


Image Source: Jan Kath 

Enjoy the hunt, looking for the perfect fit can take time and effort but it’s totally worth it. Ultimately you want to find the rug that’s right for your space and your budget!

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