For Builders

For Builders

Whether you are building a spec home or a custom house,  at Space Harmony we provide you with everything you need – from initial concept to complete design plans – to build beautiful, sophisticated and functional homes –  on time and on budget – and for more profit. We specialize in new construction and renovations projects for mid-to-high-end properties and will work directly with your clients and manage all the design components based on their taste, preferences and lifestyle needs so you can finish your build on time, with higher profit and no stress! We do the above in 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Knowing You, Your Requirements & Wish-list

We start new projects with a meeting with the builder and/or homeowner to ask lots of questions and understand the goals and objectives. Getting to know the project’s requirements and builder’s and/or homeowner’s preferences is the most important step in establishing a successful process.

  • 2. Concept Development

After getting to know the client and gathering the necessary information,  we are ready to create an overall concept. We use concept images, mood boards, hand rendering sketches and material boards to walk you through our vision of your home. This is the time to get your feedback and solidify the overall image. This where you sign-off on the final design.

  • 3. Construction Package

Depending on the scope of your project this phase include material selections, complete construction drawings, specification documents and budgeting.

  • 4. Execution

If you are building a spec home, you can benefit from Space Harmony’s exclusive staging services to get a picture-perfect product. We have our own inventory of high-end furniture, arts and accessories and will make sure your property is showing its full potential to materialize a fast sale. For private homes, we provide your clients with furniture, arts and accessories that best suits the space and enhance the quality of the home.