How to Design a Space that You Love

The conversation in some design circles at the moment is on the “sameness” of contemporary interiors. The argument is that design is becoming homogenized because we are constantly bombarded with images of the current trends on social media. Are we being programmed to like a certain style by our news feed?

We want to help you design a creative, happy space that you will love no matter what else is going on around you. Let’s be a bit unique, a bit untrendy and truly comfortable in our homes! Here are some tips for standing apart from the crowd and being happy and unique in your home.

1. Mix styles

If you love modern, clean lines and concrete finishes and that is what speaks to you, then you go for it. For most of us, however, we tend to fluctuate between styles and need a personal element to our home design. Nothing achieves that better than mixing up your styles. If this idea scares you then start by adding one thing you absolutely love that isn’t necessarily “on brand”. This could be a vintage armchair or simply a patterned throw cushion. If it feels a bit off, adjust and correct. Maybe you need another vintage piece to balance the room. It’s okay to tweak until it feels right. Décor you love will always find a way to fit into your space!

Image Source: Space Harmony’s Chancellor Blvd. Single Family Home

This space layers styles and texture to create warmth and personality. The silver table is more modern and polished than the other design elements but that is exactly what makes the room interesting. There is complexity, contrasting elements and balance all at the same time.

2. Embrace Imperfections

Short of a new build or a complete reno, it’s pretty hard to love every single thing about your home. Embrace it, most people would never guess that you hate your sofa or are desperate for a new shelving unit. Create a cleaver vignette or add some amazing throw cushions to add style and layer your little problem area.

Image Source: Space Harmony’s West Vancouver Condo

Some walls just can’t be moved. We made the best of these pillars by turning one into an architectural detail with paint and painting the other white so it would disappear in the space.

3. Change perspective

If you hate a piece of furniture but can’t afford to replace it: paint it! A little bit of sandpaper and a can of spray paint have saved some pretty ugly décor from the dump. Mirror frames are always a great one to paint. So are old lamps that have a nice shape but a tired colour. Chances are that you are more likely to love something if you made it or saved it yourself.

4. Shop somewhere unexpected

Try a store you might not have considered, you may be surprised what you find. Getting out of your routine is great for creativity and for gathering some fresh ideas. Even a store out of your price range may have sale items or at least inspiration for a great DIY

5. Buy something just because you love it and make it work.

Considers buying some small décor item you have always loved and walk through your home with it to see where it makes sense. Bookshelves can be a great place to put items you have collected. Wall features are a bold version of this idea. If you are feeling brave go for it! These exciting moments in a home give it personality and warmth.

Image Source: Space Harmony’s Kitsilano Single Family Home

This Space Harmony client was eager to do something truly unique in their kitchen. The results are amazing and will be a conversation starter at dinner parties for years to come!

If you are worried that your style may be a bit contrived or inauthentic, we want to help. White walls are popular at the moment but if you are truly dying for colour than lets break the rules! What we want to help you create a happy place and sure the catalogue looks great but a room picked out of a book is missing heart and soul. Add your personal touch and your home will be perfect for you.

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