How To Finish A Room – Styling A Space With Key Accessories

After you have designed a room layout, chosen the key furniture pieces and installed the wallpaper, cabinets and window dressings, the fun really begins. One of the most satisfying parts of a project is when it all comes together and accessories can really bring it home! These are our favourite accessories to finish your design and make it feel beautifully lived in and ready to love.

1. Pillows

Textiles, like throw pillows, are essential in a living space to set the tone and colour palette. A design may begin and end with the perfect pattern or colour inspired by gorgeous fabric. Velvet pillows imply luxury and sophistication while fun florals or prints might make a traditional space more lighthearted and fun.


Image Source: Yaletown Villa


Image Source: Vancouver Urban Condo

2. Flowers or Greenery

Every room needs something green. Plants help lift the mood and cleanse the air. Flowers brighten any space and bring a sense of freshness to a design.
We love using dahlias when in season and you can’t beat the perfect palm or bamboo for added colour and life!


Image Source: Yaletown Villa


Image Source: Yaletown Villa

3. Decorative Objects

Adding a sculptural element to your design makes it more organic and unexpected. Straight lines and soft curves are predictable but a well-placed décor item adds some drama to a room and keeps a design unique.


Image Source: Space Harmony Project


Image Source: Space Harmony Project

4. Books

Design books are a great way to add personality to your home. Neatly arranged books are also a lovely way to add height to a vignette or anchor a décor item.


Image Source: Vancouver Penthouse


Image Source: Vancouver Penthouse

5. Personal Items

Homes are lived in and using sentimental and beautiful objects that you love is important when designing your home. Try using matching frames for your photos to keep the overall appearance appealing and consistent


Image Source: Kitsilano Residence


Image Source: Kitsilano Residence

6. Vases

Vases come in many shapes and sizes so versatility is one of the advantages of styling with vases. They are also great in groups. Try placing 3 matching vases in a row or cluster, in design there is power in 3’s!


Image Source: Space Harmony Project


Image Source: Space Harmony Project

7. Trays & Baskets

A tray can often make sense of décor items that may not have otherwise worked together. Trays can also be helpful to protect a delicate surface or introduce a new material to the design. Baskets can be a great way to store throw pillows and blankets. They add texture and shape to a design.


Image Source: False Creek Residence


Image Source: Kitsilano Residence

All designers have their tricks when it comes to styling a room. Remember that balance is key and not to over do it with matching colours and finishes. The trend in home styling is more natural and less contrived. When your space feels right to you, you’ve got it.

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