Dreaming of a Mudroom

With all the snow and rain in Vancouver, we are seriously envious of all the beautiful mudrooms on Pinterest. It is a wealth of inspiration if you are looking to create that perfect transition space from outside to in. We have compiled a list of things to consider if it’s time to build the ultimate mudroom in your home.

1. First consider the floor

Image Source: @cementtileshop

The mudroom is a heavy traffic area so we like to use durable tile for these spaces. It’s also good to consider something that may not show dirt so easily. This patterned black and white tile, is stunning, durable and masks the muck!

2. Think about layout and function.

Image Source: design meet style

Maybe laundry could be incorporated into the space? Maybe you need a place to clean your pets? Is there a need for a phone charging area or any other appliances? Consider the best way to use the space, the storage you’ll need and who exactly is coming and going.

3. Consider the climate.

Image Source: improvements

This goes hand in hand with our last point but needs more attention in Vancouver! Does it rain a lot? Will you need a place for umbrellas, wet boots or snow gear? If you have the space, start thinking drying racks and drip trays.

4. Convenience is in the details.

Image Source: Farinelli construction

Hooks, bins and baskets are great if you have kids but not as perfect if you can’t stand the mess. Maybe drawers or lockers suit your style better.

5. A bench is great no matter what.

Image Source: the chronicles of home

We don’t all have the room, but if you do, think about incorporating some seating for your family. Kids especially need a dry place to concentrate on getting those shoes on!

A great mudroom is a dream come true, especially for busy families. If you are lucky enough to have the space we are totally happy for you! Have fun designing a high functioning space with an emphasis on great style.

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspo!!

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