Six Common Renovation Mistakes

This certainly isn’t the first post ever written about renovation mistakes but we feel it is an important list because we see some of these everyday! People seem to learn the hard way what is important during a renovation and unfortunately DIY TV doesn’t show what really goes on behind the scenes. Trust us, your budget will thank us in the long run!

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1. Don’t Avoid Permits!

This is such a common mistake made by people trying to cut corners and save time. Believe us; it costs more time and money in the long run. In Vancouver someone is building or renovating on every block, around every corner. The last thing you want is a stop work permit and an angry inspector at city hall. It makes moving forward more expensive and difficult.

Hiring a designer, architect or builder to help you negotiate this stressful process is key to getting things going safely and on the right track.

2. Don’t buy cheap materials.

So someone knows a guy who can get you a great deal. This may work out but make sure you know what you are buying and your designer sees samples and gives approval. Purchasing materials before you have your plan together may mean your renovation will look pieced together or disjointed. You get what you pay for! Splurge on quality finishes and if you can’t afford them then maybe that area has to wait.

3. Don’t go too trendy!

It is so easy to get caught up in the latest trends but remember that red cabinets won’t be popular forever. When it comes to the fundamentals go with basics and neutrals and get crazy with the small details that are easily and inexpensively changed. Wood or white for cabinets, gray is pretty safe too. Flooring and countertops should also be classic. Paint is easy to change so if you must paint a feature wall, go for it. That is something you can fix when you get tired of it.

Image Source: Mercury Contracting

4. Don’t ignore the lighting.

We see this all the time; the lighting plan is an afterthought. With so much energy going into your renovation, make sure you spend time considering the type and placement of lighting. This goes hand in hand with the next rule…

5. Don’t ignore things that you won’t see.

Electrical, plumbing and all the safety measures your builder takes with your home are the most important part. It’s great if your home looks good but it’s paramount that it’s safe!! Make sure that you address issues as they come up and put proper care into working out how to resolve them.

Image Source: Mercury Contracting

6. Failure to anticipate issues.

This can be decreased enormously if you use professionals, especially the right professionals. However, even with the best team, issues will come up. A realistic budget and a great designer will go miles in helping you deal with unforeseen problem areas.

Good luck with your renovation. It can be a stressful time, but fun too. If you remember these rules, you are sure to have much more success, and ultimately a better result.

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