Small Spaces

Even in the biggest most beautiful homes there will be some design challenges but one question we get asked all the time is, “How do you design for a small space?”

Decorating a small space is more challenging because you need to really consider functionality first, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be beautiful too! Here are some tips to get started with your tiny living space.

1. Paint it white.

This narrow hallway was dark and cramped. After a coat of white paint and some design detailing we were able to brighten the space considerably.

2. Choose furnishings that take up less visual space.

For example if you need bar stools aim for a design without a backrest. Look into apartment sized furnishings and choose an appropriate scale for your pieces.

3. Use multi-purpose pieces.

In order to create a fireplace feature in this living room we used small round ottomans instead of a coffee table, allowing for more space and extra seating if needed.

4. Maximize storage.

Use what you have and get creative! There is no need for storage to be boring. Use bins, boxes and other beautiful crates to store your essentials.

The much-needed storage in this kitchen is made more interesting by using open shelving and a pop of colour with the wallpaper. Even storage can be fun!

5. Keep countertops and other surfaces free from clutter and everyday objects.

Some artfully arranged display worthy items are okay to show but notice that there is no toaster, coffee maker or knife block on the countertop. In a small kitchen, focus on being able to tuck items away and create clever storage solutions inside the cabinets.

6. Use the same flooring throughout.

The eye will follow a consistent floor from one room to the other giving you the illusion of more space.

In condos and apartments it is especially important to keep the flooring consistent. It will help lead the eye to the focal point, in this case, the view!

7. Use bright reflective surfaces for your finishes and accessories.

The mirrored night tables are especially effective in reflecting light in this small master bedroom. It is deceiving because although they are large tables with a lot of storage, they have a small amount of visual weight.

Good luck with your small space, and let us know if you have any specials tips or tricks to amp up your own designs!

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