How to Choose a Grout Color

Decorative tile is so much fun and there are some amazing options these days for all of your tiling needs. With so much emphasis on choosing the tile, we want to discuss some strategies for choosing a grout colour. The grout is often an afterthought, but the truth is that grout can make or break your tiling job.


Current trends are leaning towards contrasting grout colours and this can be an amazing choice for your kitchen or bathroom. The nice thing about choosing a darker shade to accent a white tile for the bathroom is that you don’t need to worry as much about keeping it bright and shiny, especially on the floors.

contrasting grout with subway style tile

Image Source: Elle Decoration

styled grout contrasting

Image Source: Country Road Australia

Contrasting grout with white subway tiles has a vintage quality and aesthetic. With a more modern tile shape darker grout may soften the edge of the modern design. Be careful of using very small white tiles with dark grout in a small space, as it can start to look very busy!

wood floors with white grout

Image Source: The Unique Nest

black-tile-floors-white grout

Image Source: Greige Design

Earthy wood-like tiles with white grout contrasts but are still soft and light.
Dark Grey tiles with white grout is a more dramatic look but it works well in this light filled entrance way because it is meant to be the dominant feature and there is space for the floor to shine!


White grout with white tile can look amazing but make sure you seal it properly because it can be hard to keep mildew and moisture at bay with lighter grout. Grey on grey is also sophisticated and sharp, and will be easier to maintain over time. White on white looks great with wood cabinetry or accents because wood adds warmth to the design.

white on white bathroom

Image Source: Mother Mag

black on black and white on white

Image Source: Style Juicer

White grout with a white penny tile is a great option for a small busy pattern. You get the pattern you love with a little less emphasis on the tile shape.

white on white penny-tile

Image Source: Studio M

white subway kitchen wolf range

Image Source: Nordic Treats Spain

Somewhere in the Middle!

A subtle contrast is a more mellow choice. Choose a light grey or bone colour to give definition to the tile but not too much drama! The tile is often one of many features in a space and it shouldn’t overwhelm the design.

hexagon with neutral rout

Image Source: Anna Bode

Sometimes the tile has to speak for itself as the case with this stone backsplash. In this kitchen a neutral grout is the best option to keep the design cohesive.

Image Source: Attic Mag

In this Space Harmony Project we wanted the tile to be accented with a neutral grout. The overall design was contemporary but soft and inviting. A more dramatic colour wouldn’t have suited the space.

Grout colour is more fun than expected, and more important! Choosing the right colour can depend on trends, preference or practicality. One thing is for sure, do your research and test out colours if you are unsure. Re-grouting is not a job you want to do anytime soon!

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