Tips for restaurant interior design

We love the challenge of designing a totally functional and beautiful commercial space. This year we had the pleasure of working on multiple restaurant designs and we have some really handy tips to keep in mind when designing these complicated and busy spaces.


Restaurants are a work place and need to be highly efficient and functional… as well as beautiful. Here are some things to consider when designing a diner.

1. Concept

It is important that the client has a strong concept and brand identity settled before beginning any interior design work. In order to create a successful restaurant design the concept has to work throughout all the visual elements. This is everything from the logo to the table settings. Everything should have an intentional tonal connection.

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2. Layout

Choosing a great space is one thing, but if you are designing a restaurant interior you need to master the flow. The room needs to work for the staff and for the guests. Where the workstations are placed, washroom size and location, and a thousand other small details need to be considered before any aesthetic considerations start. A proper layout can create a more productive staff and better sales as a result.

Image Source: Space Harmony El Santo

3. The Exterior

So important! The face of your restaurant is the key to getting people in the door excited and intrigued. Sometimes people do chose a book by its cover, and a well-designed façade can help get that coveted walk-by traffic.


4. Lighting

Only one design element of many but of crucial importance in a restaurant. Lighting sets the mood for the dining experience and it is as important as great service! A properly lit restaurant makes each table seem like its own little island. Guests enjoy having their own comfortable space and lighting can help create it.

Image Source: Space Harmony El Santo


Image Source: Space Harmony Chatime Bubble Tea

5. Décor

The fun part and it goes without saying. The décor is what creates a mood and makes people feel comfortable when they are out for dinner. The food may be excellent and the service top rate but if you add on a beautiful dining room, your place is sure to be mentioned. Make sure you have comfortable seating! A comfy seat will get people to stay longer, feel more at home, and come back for more.

Image Source: Space Harmony El Santo

There are so many details involved in designing a great restaurant. We hope that these tips will help streamline your restaurant design process. Your interior designer should have a connection to your concept and be as passionate about your vision as you are. It takes a team of adventurous creative’s to take on a restaurant design, but when it clicks there is nothing quite like it.

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